Our Company


Core Advisory & Marketing LLC was established with a single goal in mind, to ensure easy, efficient and effective servicing of Japanese clients for foreign law firms.


We are able to provide a range of marketing, research and business development services to those firms seeking to ensure the highest quality of market growth, awareness and access without the cost of establishing a Japan office.  By tailoring our service package to the individual needs of each firm, we are able to support the Japan market goals of the firm at the minimum of cost.

Through a mixture of Japanese and foreign staff we help bridge the cultural and linguistic divide between firms and clients while utilizing our in-depth knowledge of the Japanese market to advise on the most efficient strategies for business growth.

Each client firm is served by a consultant who only assists that one firm exclusively, ensuring no conflicts of interest or confidentiality issues arise.  The consultant is therefore a direct link to the Japan market on the ground for the firm and can attend networking events, seminars and even meetings as requested by the Firm.

For a full range of the different services offered please see the “services” tab.

We look forward to working with you for the future.