Core Advisory offers each client a tailored package to suit the specific needs and budget requirements of the firm.  In order to provide the widest selection of support available we break down our services into 4 main categories: –

  1. Market research and company information
  2. Preparation or localization of Japanese marketing materials
  3. Admin and language support for Japan meetings and business trips
  4. Event planning, coordination and support

Market Research

Clients may wish to expand their knowledge of companies, identify key contacts, understand market trends or movements or be updated on the latest news and developments in the Japanese media. We are able to provide market information to firms on a range of sectors and will research in both English and Japanese to ensure the best results.  We will prepare and provide monthly report bulletins for our clients on the requested research and can tailor our research each month to focus on a new area.


Preparation or localization of Japanese marketing materials


Japan is a unique market with cultural and business methods substantially different from overseas markets.  We are therefore able to advise and assist in localizing a firms marketing materials for the Japanese market and focusing on promoting the firms key strengths to their prospective clients. We can further help translate a firm’s brochures, advertisements and direct mail to ensure effective communication of the message.  We are also able to design and conduct satisfaction surveys as needed.



Admin and language support for Japan meetings and business trips


Planning and executing a successful partner trip to Japan can be daunting and so we are able to offer support to ensure the visit is as efficient as possible.  A consultant can be provided to take the partner from hotel to each meeting and if required to take meeting notes and interpret during the meetings.  We are also able to help coordinate with third parties in Japanese to arrange private car hire, lunch reservations and courier services as required by our clients.



Event planning, coordination and support


One highly effective method of promotion and client generation is through the use of seminars, workshops and other events.  We have extensive experience supporting firms in all aspects of their event planning and execution.  This includes advising and planning for effective future events; selection of suitable and cost efficient venues; provision of catering as required; assisting translation of PPTs and materials; as well as the set up and manning of the reception desk at events.


For a free consultation on our range of services and pricing packages please contact us at or 03– 6304– 8548.